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torsdag, mars 03, 2016

Its been kinda dead on my youtube channel for a while, and Ive also deleted a lot of the videos I had up on it. Mainly because I wasnt happy with the quality of the videos. But these last couple of weeks Ive been filming alot and editing loads, so that when I start uploading again, Ill be posting 1 or 2 videos every week. So Im just trying to get a kickstart for my self by pre-filming a lot to easier get into the routine of posting regularly. And Im trying really hard to do a lot of research and come up with interesting videos that you might not have seen before. As the ones I have been posting earlier have been videos youve seen around on many other channels. But I really would like to hear from you what kind of videos you want to see. So if you havent already, please go over to my youtube channel and subscribe, so that you will be notified when I start uploading again! Which I promise will be very very soon!

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