Well, now I HAVE to dye my hair pink

onsdag, juli 15, 2015

Just look how prettyyyy it iiiiis!!! (No, this is not my real hair)

Oh, and also, major brow-crushing on myself here.. 

Ive heard about this new hair product called Olaplex, which supposedly can minimize the damage done to your hair while bleaching up to like 80%... 80% is probably not true, but Im sure its quite a lot. Ive seen people using it on youtube, and it seriously looks like it works. I see girls going from almost black hair, to platinum blonde, and the hair doesnt look damaged at all.
 Anyone out there thats got any experience with Olaplex? Does it work, if so, how much? 
Only the bottom parts of my hair has had anything done to it, the rest is virgin hair, I almost never use heat, and barely any products at all. So I would say 90% of my hair is in perfect condition, and the ends need to get trimmed anyways. 

I also tried doing a gyaru inspired makeup, which turned out to look super cute. 
For those of you wondering, gyaru is a makeup/fashion style popular in Japan. 

Im suuuper sick at the moment, so watching makeup tutorials and playing with makeup is my only entertainment.

Who is your favorite makeup artist on youtube/instagram?

Erle Nathalia xxx

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