Lucid dreaming

fredag, juni 19, 2015

Lately Ive been having the craziest lucid dreams. Ive as long as I can remember had very vivid and surreal dreams, that when I tell people about them, they always tell me I have crazy dreams and are surprised. So I do really believe that my dreams are normally over average crazy. And also, I dream like this almost every night. Its very seldom that I dont remember my dreams.
 A couple of years ago I experienced sleep paralysis, so I started researching a bit about dreaming in general. And thats when I first found out about lucid dreaming, which I realized Id been having for years and years. But had not been able to control the dreams, which I am now doing more and more. For every dream I feel that I gain more control, and also dont feel as exhausted when I wake up as I have before. 
Most of my lucid dreams start out as nightmares, which Im aware is just a dream, but that also means that I feel the effect of the nightmare so much stronger. But last night I managed to gain enough control to escape the nightmare. I am so happy and feel more relaxed because of just that one accomplishment, because that means that it will only get better and Ill gain more control. I hope that one day I have complete control. Imagine being able to fully control a dream. 

Travel wherever you want to go, see whoever you want to see, do whatever you want to do, with nothing but your imagination stopping you. 

Anyone else have any experience with lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis? 

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