I GOT IN!!!!

onsdag, juni 10, 2015

I AM SOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! I just got a call from the makeup school I applied to, and someone had decided not to go, so I got in!!!!! 
I literally cried with happiness, and I don't even know what to write here now. Im just so so so so so happy! My absolute dream is to become a makeup artist, and this school is THE ONE to go to in Norway. The school is called Art Complexion, and you can check it out here if you're interested. 
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY MEEEE!!! And I just want to say that if you are interested in how it is to go to makeup school and things related to it, Im going to be blogging about that of course. School starts in August, and before that Im gonna work my ass off to save all the money I can, because living on a student loan is gonna be tight. 

So now my boyfriend and I are going out to eat some celebratory sushi! Always celebrate with food, always. 

Erle Nathalia xxx

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