June 18th

torsdag, juni 18, 2015

Currently laying in bed and truly struggling to get out.. Its just so comfyyyy, and getting up means that I have to start my day, which consist of working out, cleaning, and going to work. And today I dont feel like doing any of those. Luckily I woke up earlier than normal, so I get a little extra time to lay in. 
Ive been seeing a lot of people talking about these different teas, like SkinnyMint and MateFit. And I think I want to try them out, I just dont know which one. Ive heard they really give you a nice boost in the morning and helps you feel less bloated. Any one out there thats tried both or either, or any other brand? 

Anyways, heres is my look from yesterday! 

Hope you have a nice day! 
Erle Nathalia xxx 

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