søndag, februar 08, 2015

This is my current makeup wishlist. Unfortunately none of these are available in Norway so I will have to order them online(all products are linked below the picture). But I can't go spending all my money on makeup, so I might just buy an item here and there as my paychecks roll inn. 

I currently have the NARS blush in the color Torrid, and I absolutely love it. Not just the color, but the quality of the product. I have been using it every day since November, and still the little ridges from it being pressed in to the packaging are there. And I use a lot of blusher. It's sooo pigmented and stays all day, honestly the best blusher I've ever tried. So now I really want the colors Exibit A the bright red and Deepthroat the peachy nude.

On to mascara and brow stuff. I've been using the Mega Volume Collagene mascara from L'oreal for years. I try other mascaras all the time, but none do my lashes anything close to what it does. I have really short and few lashes, being asian tends to have that effect... Though luckily the norwegian part of me curled them a bit, so they're not super straight like most full asians have. 
But I've heard great stuff about the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced, so I want to give that a try!

As for my brows they are just as sad as my lashes, very few hairs and theres just not much to them at all really. If I don't fill them in people tend to ask me if I've shaved them off... So yes, filling them in is a must. Just like mascara I've been using the same product for brows for years, and sadly enough thats the eyebrow pencil from H&M. It really is good though, not gonna lie, its a lifesaver. So super cheap and my perfect color. But its not the best, and it smudges quite easily, so I want to try something new. And everyone, I mean everyone, are using and raving about the Dip Brow Pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills. They claim it to be smudge free and waterproof, just what you want your eyebrows to be. 

The Venus eyeshadow palette from Limecrime and Lip pencil from NARS really don't need any explanation to why I want them. I mean, they are just sooo beautiful. Plus I've heard great stuff about them both as well. 

Erle Nathalia xxx

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