NYX norway launch

søndag, mars 13, 2016

Ive been trying to upload this vlog for 3 days now, but it just wouldnt let me! 
So this post is a bit late... But a few days ago, NYX had their party of their launch in the Douglas store in Oslo. They now carry the biggest selection of NYX products in Norway!

So before the launch party, me and some of my classmates got to go to a workshop with Maria Malone. She did a demo on a masquarade mask with a skull, and ombre lips and brows.

Best cake pops and macaroons I've ever had, no joke.

Then we went to the party at the Douglas store, where there were drinks, cake pops, macaroons, a photo booth and dancers! The party was so much fun. Here is a little vlog from the party, I forgot to film at the workshop though, sorry!

There will also be a first impressions video on the products i got in the goodiebag and the products I bought the day after on the actual opening of the store. 

Erle Nathalia xxx

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