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tirsdag, februar 23, 2016

I love making food, and especially when I have the energy to try to make more challenging or different kinds of food. And lately Im obsessed with vietnamese food. I basically always am, but not always as keen to make it myself. Unfortunatly there arent many good places to get authentic vietnamese food around where I live. I only know of one place that i really like, when it comes to both menu and price, Hai Café in Oslo. 
So lately I have just tried to make it myself. 
I know a good small amount of recipes from my family. So its not always that challenging. So I decided to try to make the things i normally buy premade like sauces and breads and such.

And this time attempted to make real banh mi bread. The french baguette perfected for the vietnamese. I followed this recipe. The result was ok, not bad, but not that good either. It was a nice bread, but not as airy and chewy as the vietnamese ones. 

Banh mi xia xiu is one of my all time favorite foods. If you havent had one, i suggest you try one the next time you pass a vietnamese place. 

And i also made pho, which is right next to banh mi on the favourite list. 

Erle Nathalia xxx

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