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søndag, februar 07, 2016

I love reading about what skincare products other people use to find out what new products I should try. So I wanted to share what I use with you guys, because I think that these products are really really good. And if you haven't tried them, you should. So here are the products Im currently using every day for my skincare routine.

I always start by washing my face/removing my makeup, and for that I use the Ultra Facial Cleanser. Its a soap like formula which doesn't foam very much. I really like this kind of facial cleanser because I feel like it really gets all the dirt, but doesn't dry out my skin. If Im wearing a lot of makeup I will use an oil based makeup remover  (or coconut oil) first to remove the worst of it, before using this the cleanser.

Then I use the Ultra Facial Toner. Its alcohol free, and very mild. Its PH-balanced, and hydrating. I use a cotton pad and swipe it over my skin. 

Then if its nightime, Ill apply the Midnight Recovery Concentrate to my face and neck. Which is a oil based serum. I really really love this, its so super mosturising, and does really repair your skin overnight. You only need 2-3 drops of it so it lasts you a really long time.

Then to seal all the hydrating power into my skin, I put on a good layer of the Ultra Facial Cream. I love this cream because its really hydrating and light at the same time. Not too greasy at all, so it really feels like it sinks into the skin and not laying like a layer on top of your skin.

P.S. Not sponsored by Khiels, haha, just happened to try them all and loved them all.
P.S.S. My skin is very dry, but oily in the t-sone. So these products might not work for you as they do for me because of the kind of skin you have and what condition it is in.

What products are you loving? 

Erle Nathalia xxx

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