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søndag, april 24, 2016

I have not forgotten about this blog or my youtube, I swear! I see that I have a few people checking in everyday, and I want to say I appreciate that very very much! Lately a lot of things have been happening in my life, and the school year is coming to an end.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to stavanger with Tatjana Weddegjerde to be her assistent for a makeup job for a band/orchestra. Going there without knowing anything about who this band was and what kind of music they played, I went with her thinking it was a "normal" classical music type of band. 1B1 turned out to be the coolest band, that play the most interesting and advanced music I've ever heard live! And now Im going to New York with them in just a week!

Im so lucky to have this as my first real payed job as a makeup artist, to be working with so many amazing people, and get to travel with them! Its such an incredible opportunity. 

And when I get home from NYC, all of my final exams start! So it might be a little quiet from me a bit longer, just until Im done with all of the fotoshoots and exams.  But when im done with all of that, I have a lot of good stuff coming, and maybe a little something before that as well! 

I hope all your finals and projects and papers go well, talk to you soon! 

Erle Nathalia xxx

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