NYX haul and mini-review

mandag, april 04, 2016

It took a while, but here is my NYX haul from the opening at Douglas in Oslo. Im not going to write too much about every product, but I'll add swatches of the products and a little comment about what I think about it. All of the products are linked in the title of the product.

I havent got to try out this too much yet, but the colors seem decent and the formulation of the powder is very soft and highly pigmented. I think you need to be careful when using this to avoid it becoming blotchy. But being aware of that and using very little product at the time and a very soft brush will probably keep you in the safe zone. Absolutely worth the money.

Under eye concealers for dark circles with a brown undertone. These are orange/salmon colored concealers which are what you use to cover brown pigmentation in the skin. They are very creamy and easily blendable. Does crease under the eye if you dont use powder. But Im very impressed of the cover and how creamy they are.

Its not as smooth as I would want it to be, but it has a very good staying power. Though not really sure what I think about it yet. I originally wanted to get a liquid white one but they were sold out. 

Super nice and creamy on the lips. Its not wet but not dry either. Its sort of sticky like a normal matte lipstick. But I use NYXs HD powder to set it, and then it lasts all day. Unless I eat something greasy. Highly pigmented, feels nice on the lips, awesome color.

This blush is super soft and nice, but a bit too pigmented for my taste. I like to be able to really build it up to the color I want. But with this one its kind of hard because it gives of so much color at once, that you have to be super careful and tap out almost all of the product from your brush before you place it on your cheek. But the color is so so so nice, both on pale and tanned skin.

Amaaaaaxing highlighters. I love creamy/liquid highlighters because it makes it so easy to choose how concentrated you want it. You can blend it into your foundation in varying amounts to get a nice glow, or you can tap it on with your finger to just get the touch of highlight you want where you want it. The top of the three is the product straight from the bottle, and then blended a little bit, then just swiped the rest from what was on my finger on the last. So that just shows how little that is needed of this product. 

Im in love with this primer. It goes on soooo smoothly, since it has a mousse like consistency. And it gives your face a nice subtle blur effect. It doesnt curdle like other silicone primers. And it helps my makeup stay on longer. Also makes my skin look nicer and nicer throughout the day.
(You can sort of see the blur effect on the second picture, if you compare it to the skin on the first picture).

This is a very very very wet liquid liner. As you can see, it seeps into the lines of my underarm which honestly are so fine that its almost amazing that it even finds them... BUUT if you are careful to wipe of a lot of product and use it sparingly, its a good liquid liner. Though it did make my eyes water, I think. Its either that or the liner I had on my waterline/eyeshadow dust stuck in my tear canal. 

Do you like this kind of informational haul blogpost? Tell me in the comments!

Erle Nathalia xxx

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