Loving the weird

tirsdag, august 30, 2016

As of late, Im feeling very inspired, and motivated to keep things weird. So today, my face had to go through 4 different makeup looks. One of them included a lot of gloss, that went into my eyes, so my face is not feeling too fresh atm. But I seriously had so much fun doing some completely different makeup looks back to back.

I started by redoing the makeup I did yesterday for a photoshoot, just a bit darker and weirder. Then I took some gloss and gold pigment, mixed it all up, and smeared it all over my eyes, and lips. Which luckily turned out great. Like, I looooved it. But then it started running, and clouding up my contacts, so I had to take it of. But I still felt the creativity bubbling, so I decided to film a video, which will be up September 1st. (autumn looks are my favourite, hint hint). And then I threw some glitter all over that shit. Didnt look as cool as I had hoped, so no pics of that. oops.

If you wanna get into the weird mode like I am, check out @princessgollum , @vforvoid , @teratology and @girlacne on instagram to get inspired. 

Photo from yesterdays shoot.
Photo//Michaela Klouda. Model//Paulina from TFM Models. Makeup//Erle Nathalia Kielland

xxx Erle Nathalia 

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